Taylor Madrigal speaks on the creation of “Spark One”

"im sittin here waiting for this spark one video to finish processing, and im bored as hell, so ima write up a little bit on how this song came about, and what it means to me.


i found the sample for “spark one” in 2009. i tried to make a beat out of it right when i got it, because i already knew what i wanted it to sound like, but i wasnt really good enough at producing to get it to sound like what i was hearing in my head. the 1st version was super basic and sucked, so i scrapped it. the 2nd incarnation of the beat, was as a remix to a song by Unfuh Qwittable, Ramiro X, and 80H20, called “Im Outta Here”, and it sounded pretty dope, but i couldnt get spencers part to get on beat, and i tried for literally an entire day, but my basic ass couldnt get it to work. so once again, i scrapped it. the 3rd version of the beat was used as the backing track for a school project i did in high school with my girlfriend at the time. that got turned in, so thats good. finally, the 4th incarnation of the beat was made during the “Permed Out Wednesdays” series of releases, when me, dylan, bobby, and yakub were working on alot of material together. i brought the beat over to the place dylan was living at the time over at 4th & 4th, near dinkytown. kind of weird that its right next door to where my mother once lived, and i went to elementary school about 50 feet from there. but i digress. i think they way that it worked was that i first gave tommy the beat, and he did his verse, and the chorus, which he told me was something he had for a while, but didnt record or use it for anything else. so after tommy was done recording, tommy sent the session over to dylans, and bobby wrote and recorded his verse, and i remember vividly that he kept gettin slipped up on the “creepin thru the city” line towards the end, but he eventually killed it. like a g. we were trying to figure out how we were gonna fit yakub, and ramiro on the song, and i suggested that for the last verse, they each do an 8 bar verse. and they did it, and killed it. i actually made the beat with the assumption and hopes that dylan would get on it, which he intended to, but he ended up getting a bit too turnt on the last night of recording, so it wasnt able to go down. we released the song that night i believe. this whole process, from the time that i made the final beat, to tommy recording his verse and chorus, to all the other verses getting recorded, was done in a span of i think 2 days. kind of crazy. so thats how the song came about. 

(side note: the sessions of this song were actually lost when dylans computer crashed. the version you hear in the video and on “WeOutChea” is the original rough mix that was first released online. we have it to the homie mike frey to see what he could do with it, and i think he made it sound better actually.)

chapter 2: the video.

ive always loved this song, ever since it was made, and came out. i loved it. very very much. so naturally, i wanted to do a video for it. i linked up with kale thru dylan, and thought he would be good to do the video. i knew he would take it serious, and put the time into it that it deserved. we organized an initial video shoot on april 20th, 2012, to take place at the scoundrel house in NE minneapolis, where unfuh, ramiro, jake, and other homies were staying at the time. i had a pretty direct vision for what i wanted the video to look like, so i kind of took it upon myself to set up the upstairs to match my vision for the video. i went to multiple thrift stores, looking for sheets, with mostly tan, white, or brown colors, and with the help of my best friend, allen kendall, transformed the upstairs of their crib, into what i thought the video for spark one should look like. we also hauled about 3 or 4 extra couches up there, to fit the people we were expecting to come thru to the video shoot. the video shoot itself went pretty well. we were planning on having a type of “barbeque, spark one video shoot, smoke out” type thing goin on. the video shoot itself worked out lovely. i had about 4 or 5 memory cards worth of spark one material that i then put onto a portable hard drive. i then met up with assistant director for the video, fred sanders, to get him the footage. while he was transfering the files to his computer, an error occured, and wiped out everything on the entire hard drive.

all the footage for the video was lost. 

of course, i pretty much shit my pants, i got super mad at fred, i was mad at him for like a month, but i realized it was my fault, i shoulda had it backed up. i then contacted a friend of mine that works for geek squad, ian gacek, who said he might might might be able to help. i gave him the hard drive, and waited in anticipation while he went to work on the hard drive. he kept sending me texts like “i might have it, its like 60 percent possible that i might have gotten it” and i was TRIPPIN. but eventually. thru some sort of amazing stroke of luck. he recovered the files. every file was recovered. so we got it cracking, got the files to fred and kale. and the editing process begun. 

after the inital shoot, kale tried to get to every show that we did in order to get live performance footage to use in the video. him and our dude Baby Alan did most of the live performace footage. they got footage from Soundset ‘12, ScHoolboy Q & Ab-Soul @ Cabooze, I Self Devines “Sounds Of Low Class Amerika” Release Party, P.O.S. “We Don’t Even Live Here” Release Party, A.G. @ Honey, Murs @ Augsburg, Permed Out Showcase II @ Cabooze, The Audio Perm Block Party, and many more. 

(side note: another funny story was that. the memory containing the footage from our performance from Soundset ‘12, was actually lost AT SOUNDSET, but that was also eventually FOUND. not sure who found it, but that was awesome.)

the editing process itself took i think somewhere around 4 or 5 months. kale put in around 150 hours of work into this one video. i am very grateful for everything hes done and all the work that hes put in. i cant wait for yall to be able to see this shit. 


Watch the video for “Spark One” here: http://bit.ly/SparkOne

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Audio Perm - Spark One (Official Video)

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