Audio Perm is a rap crew from Minneapolis, MN. The crew consists of Taylor Madrigal, Julian Fairbanks, & Cory Grindberg, who produce beats for emcees; 80H20, Bobby Raps, Big Dylan, Chantz Erolin, Unfuh Qwittable, Ramiro X, Yakub. Each member of Audio Perm brings a different style of production and rapping to the group, and band together under one common goal, to create and perform quality rap music. Audio Perm was formed in 2009 as a producer crew, and naturally progressed into a full fledged rap crew. The majority of the crew met thru their involvement in the Art of Emceeing program at Hope Community Center, organized and instructed by Big Quarters and I Self Devine (Rhymesayers Ent.).

Since their inception in 2009, Audio Perm has produced 3 releases (2 instrumental, 1 compilation), organized their own block party (Audio Perm Block Party), featured in publications such as; Star Tribune, City Pages, Vita.MN and A.V. Club Twin Cities, opened for national acts; Kendrick Lamar, Talib Kweli, Schoolboy Q (2x), Ab-Soul, Murs, & more. They also earned a performing slot at Rhymesayers’ Soundset Festival in 2012, and are preparing to release their debut full length album in the Summer of 2013.

Audio Perm’s sound to date is a concise reflection of each producer and emcee’s style. Julian and Taylor are both sample craftsmen, utilizing open drum sounds and samples from other records to create their productions, and Cory, who is currently enrolled in the Jazz Studies program at Northwestern college, takes a mostly sample-free approach to production, with wild snyth sounds and snare rolls for the basis of his compositions. Influenced by producers such as The Neptunes, DJ Premier, and J Dilla, the producers have each built their own signature style, creating a fresh and unique sound for Audio Perm.

Audio Perm’s live performance can be described as hype, vivacious, and an accurate representation of the group as a whole. Julian and Taylor handle DJ duties for the performances, and Cory triggers synth or drum sounds with a midi keyboard. Due to the crews large number of associated emcees, and sheer amount of material, no Audio Perm set is ever the same. Audio Perm performs live as a group, and also organizes and promotes their own events, including the Permed Out Showcase series, Audio Perm Dance Party series, the Audio Perm Block Party, and spot dates in between.

The crew has also spawned many side projects and collaborations from each of the group members. Julian, Cory, and Chantz formed Art School Girls, Taylor and Unfuh Qwittable created Biter Fighters, Ramiro X and brother Akrite created Mundo Libre, in addition to solo efforts from 80H20, Bobby Raps, Big Dylan, & Yakub.

Audio Perm is a crew that produces, records, promotes and performs their music.

Audio Perm is in Full Effect… and WeOutChea

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Audio Perm - Spark One (Official Video)

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Audio Perm at Seventh Street Permed Out Showcase IV | 12.20.13 | AA/21+ | $10 Adv./$12 Door

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